President Shipping New Zealand

Very exciting and Challenging times ahead with my new role after being honored with the position of “President” of Shipping New Zealand ( The NZ Association of Shipowners and Agents Inc) at our AGM on Tuesday the 17th November 2020. This was also our Industries 50 years Celebration 1970-2020 since we have been representing our Industry. As we all know there are many challenges in our World right now and those are very prevalent on the waterfront in the Marine Border. Looking after the safety of our Members at the Border, taking care of Crew welfare as they look to NZ to effect crew changes so they too can get back home to their loved ones being trapped onboard for many more months than there planned contracts due to world Border closures. Continuing with regular meetings with Government Agencies, consulting on these and other issues as we work for the better of our Industry. So a busy time ahead as New Zealand steers it’s way through Covid and to a safer and a better future.




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Port of Tauranga, New Zealand


To provide you with a full picture of your Ships call with communication, co-operation and co-ordination leaving you with the satisfaction of a job well done.